the purely aesthetic

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"She walked into the room — no, it wasn’t a walk. It was slinkier than a walk. She almost reminded me of a snake, but much less menacing and much more glamorous. And that dress! It looked like it was fitted just for her. I could tell all the women felt frumpy after she walked in. So bold and so confident. I knew she was the person I wanted to be."
I’m so over summer attire. Bring it on, Winter!
It’s like Little House on the Prairie meets “Game of Thrones.” I like it.
Nothing beats a good ol’ grunge outfit: white tank, black black, and killer black leather boots.
And I’m certainly not going to fuck it up!
I love how grungy this picture is from the matted reddish hair to the mottled jeans to the plastic bags and puddles.
Ever feel like if you were to take the wrong step, you’d be consumed forever and there would be no coming back? Standing along the edge of that decision isn’t a place I like to be, but it’s a place we’re always at.
I bought this white dress and didn’t know how to accessorize it and now I realize that it was missing a spiked collar, woodsy backdrop, and wild hair.
Marching to the beat of her own drum. I like it.
This reminds me of the Little Mermaid… A beautiful maiden being washed ashore.
It’s nice to fall backwards into bed and just stare at a blank ceiling sometimes. You start to see things you really needed to see.
I can’t wait to say goodbye.
Gotta love 90’s grunge.
So sad, but true…